FCS Traction T-2


A 5 piece pad design focusing on functionality and performance features.


The new FCS Traction range has raised the bar on surfboard traction by focussing 100% on functionality and performance driven features.

Each pad features a thermoformed dimpled surface, a clearly defined groove pattern, and a groove at the base of the kick to assist the adhesive bond and prevent peeling.  The lightweight packaging also comples complete with a spare FCS Key.


 5-piece pad

• Tritek groove pattern – Chunkier groove, with three levels of traction to grip onto. Compounded by a dimpled surface to create a tacky feel. 

• Multi directional groove patterns - Respond to the different forces generated between the surfer and the board. The center and front panels face forward and the side panels direct inwards so that the traction pushes back against your feet in all maneuvers.

  • •  Spine, ergonomic arch
  • •  Luna rounded performance kick

  • *こちらは取り寄せ商品となるため、発送まで3〜5日ほどかかります。万一メーカーにて在庫切れの場合は、あらためてメールでお知らせします。

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